The Importance of Well Child Visits

Scheduling well-child visits regularly for your little one is important for promoting better health and development. A well-child visit gives the pediatrician a chance to monitor your child’s growth and development. It is also a great way to remain up to date with essential immunizations. Well-child visits are offered at Starlight Pediatric Primary and Urgent Care in Casa Grande, AZ. Our experienced pediatricians, Dr. Bayo Atolagbe and Dr. George Onyia, can help your child enjoy better health.

Well Child Visits

There are many different reasons why well-child visits are important. They allow the doctor to monitor growth and development. This helps potential concerns be identified early so proactive measures can be taken promptly before anything serious develops. Regular visits also promote better overall health and ensure kids are up to date with immunizations.

There are two main components of a well-child visit. The first is a review of the patient’s individuals and family medical history. Knowing the family medical history helps alert the doctor to conditions a child might be predisposed to developing, such as an irregular heartbeat or diabetes.

The second aspect of a well-child visit is the physical exam. During the exam portion, your child’s height and weight measurements will be taken. For babies, a measurement of head circumference will also be taken. Other things that will be checked include blood pressure, heart rate, lungs and breathing, balance, reflexes, vision, and the ears, nose, and throat.

Older children should have a well visit annually, while newborns and infants will need to see the doctor more frequently. The knowledgeable pediatricians at our Casa Grande, AZ, pediatric office can advise you as to how often your child needs a well visit.

Vaccinations & Immunizations 

An important aspect of well-child visits is vaccination and immunization. Vaccines protect children from contracting many serious illnesses and diseases by helping them develop immunity. Our pediatric team follows the immunization guidelines developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Our pediatricians can help your child remain up to date with their vaccines. For children who have fallen behind, we can help them get caught up by following the catch-up immunization schedule recommended by the AAP.

Well-child visits with a pediatrician help keep kids healthy. To schedule a well-child visit with Dr. Atolagbe and Dr. Onyia, the skilled and caring pediatricians at our office in Casa Grande, AZ, call Starlight Pediatric Primary and Urgent Care at (520) 510-0087.

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