Monitoring Your Child's Behavioral Health

Your pediatricians in Casa Grande, AZ, can help you and your child.

Children can be complicated, especially their behavior. It can be difficult to know whether bad behavior is just bad, or whether it is a sign of a more serious condition, like a behavioral disorder. Your pediatrician can help.

Dr. Bayo Atolagbe and Dr. George Onyia at Starlight Pediatric Primary and Urgent Care in Casa Grande, AZ, offer comprehensive pediatric medical care, including treatment of behavioral disorders.

So, what is normal behavior in children? It’s completely normal for a child to exhibit:

Defiant behavior, because your child may be just testing boundaries and exerting independence

Withdrawing, because your child needs to show autonomy, and the desire to accomplish things without your help

Acting out, because your child may simply be reacting to major changes in life, like moving to a new school, divorce, or death of a close family member

These are all normal signs of growing up and beginning to mature. There are also several signs you need to look out for that are not normal and could signal the onset of a behavioral disorder. You should consider a professional evaluation if your child is:

  • Threatening or harming others, pets, or themselves
  • Damaging things belonging to others
  • Having difficulty forming or keeping relationships with others
  • Showing frequent signs of unhappiness or depression
  • Demonstrating anxiety about going to school
  • Exhibiting defiance and hostility toward authority figures
  • Frequently lying, arguing, stealing, or skipping school
  • Using drugs, drinking, or smoking at an early age

You, as a parent, are best able to monitor your child’s behavior, because you see them every day. You are the best person to note if a behavioral issue resolves, persists, or gets worse. You can help your child’s pediatrician determine how to proceed so your child can live a happy, well-adjusted life.

To find out more about the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Atolagbe and Dr. Onyia of Starlight Pediatric Primary and Urgent Care in Casa Grande, AZ, at (520) 510-0087 today!

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